Segregation Garbage Chutes

We Ecotech Chutes Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer and supplier of Segregation Chutes in India from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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Founded in 2005 with specific focus on waste management solutions Ecotech is considered as most trusted brand in garbage chutes. Our garbage chutes are manufactured compliance with British Standards (BS 1703:2005), American Standards (NFPA 82) and National building code of India (NBC 2005). Manufactured in stainless steel our garbage chutes are highly durable and robust. Our Garbage Chutes also includes fire safety features like auto closing fire door at bottom of chute, Fire sprinklers and fire rated intake door.

Automatic cleaning system washes the chute from inside with water and disinfectant keeping chute clean and sterilized. An Air-vent with exhaust fan dispels gases from chute and keep the chute odour free.

Latest Municipal and Environmental rules mandates separate disposal of DRY i.e. recyclable waste and WET i.e. biodegradable waste. Segregated Garbage Chute allows collection of DRY and WET separately using single chute.

It also helps to save cost and space for installing multiple chutes.

How it works:

  • All doors are electronically locked at any given time.
  • User selects "Dry" or "Wet" options on selection panel next to door
  • Chute converts to respective mode "Dry" or "Wet" by rotating flap door in the garbage room
  • Only door where selection is made is unlocked and Garbage bag goes into respective trolley.
  • Meanwhile all other doors are electronically locked flashing "Busy" indicator.
  • Once the door is closed system is reset for next use.
  • Total change over time of 10 seconds

Material of Construction:

Manufacture from stainless steel SS 430 / SS 304 grade having thickness of 1.2 / 1.5 / 2 mm depending upon diameter of chute. Use of Plastic / Fibre chutes possess risk of fire hazard hence not allowed as per BS/NFPA codes. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant hence gives maximum durability.

Intake Door

Intake door are bottom hinged, Self-closing hopper type door. Door is fitted with gas piston which ensures a smooth and silent closing of door. Door opening have side checks to avoid spillage.

Sanitation System

It is an automated cleaning system which cleans the entire chute from within only at press of button. It consists of a sanitation unit at terrace level with liquid disinfectant storage tank operated by automated control panel in garbage room. Cleaning sprinklers are provided at intake opening. These cleaning sprinklers are 120 degree, full cone and solid profile high pressure water jet sprinklers which ensures proper cleaning of surface from within. Cleaning sprinklers are specially designed to maintain constant pressure at lower as well as higher floors. Chute is cleaned with mixture of plain water and disinfectant solution.

Auto closing Fire Door

It is installed at bottom of chute in garbage room. In case of fire in garbage room as the temperature cross 79 degree fusible link melts closing the fire door. Fire door blocks the path of fire preventing heat transfer

Air Vent

It removes foul smell and harmfull gas generated from garbage It is provided at roof level and operated by timer based control panel to save power. Vent diameter is reduced at top and give 20/40 air changes per minute.

Fire Sprinkler

It is installed at top and bottom floors and every alternate floors. It case of fire as temperature rises beyond 68 degree celsius fire sprinklers opens and releases water.

Installation Requirements

Our Garbage Chute can be easily installed in any duct, common lobby, landing, staircase, mid landing, utility duct, dry balcony or kitchen

Chute Diameter

Type of Building

Intake Door Size
(Bottom Hinged)

Duct Size /
Slab Opening

450 mm


300 mm x 375 mm

600 mm x 600 mm

600 mm

Residential / Commercial

375 mm x 450 mm
450 mm x 450 mm

750 mm x 750 mm

750 mm


525 mm x 525 mm
600 mm x 600 mm

900 mm x 900 mm

Garbage Room Size (in Mtrs.)

Standard Garbage Chute

1.5 Width X 1.5 Length X 2.4 Height

Segregated Garbage Chute

2 Width X 1.5 Length X 2.4 Height