About Us

Ecotech is a leading manufacturer and designer of chutes & composter in India.

Our products consist of garbage chutes, organic waste composter, debris chute and linen/laundry chute.

Founded in 2005 with a specific focus on Garbage chute for residential and commercial premises, Ecotech has since grown in to a national company having completed projects nationwide.

With a focus on continual improvement of products, management and service, Ecotech completes manufacturing in the company –owned facility in conformity with international standards .all of our products are produced with a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of international while aiming to mining the environmental impact of all products and operations. With a in –house design team, Ecotech invests strongly in product improvements and new development based heavily on feedback from the diverse customer base.

At Ecotech we are strongly committed to providing simple and effective solutions for families and businesses. Our team has an excellent reputation in the chute industry and we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service available .We are very passionate about what we do, working hard to push the industry in a positive direction that your experience with Ecotech is a positive and enjoyable one .

We hope you find our website informative, and look forward to helping you become part of the solution.

Quality Policy

Ecotech is dedicated to providing families and companies with solution systems that are affordable and meet the requirements of the market.

Ecotech products must be of excellent quality meeting relevant industry standards and be backed by a high level of customer service and competitive warranty support.

Ecotech as a company strives to play a leading role in the waste management , with a focus on continual improvement of products , management and service, while minimizing the environmental impact of all products and operations.

Our Vision

"Our Vision is to be recognized as a global leader in the waste management ,providing sustainable ,innovative and cost –effective solutions which will increase the value to every stakeholder"