Debris Chute

We Ecotech Chutes Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer and supplier of Debris Chute in Nigeria.

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Ecotech Debris Chute – The Most Efficient & Safe Way of Debris Disposal

When it comes to reduce construction time and costs Ecotech Debris Chute is most efficient and cost effective solution available. Our debris chute eliminates dust and danger of flying debris on site, thus providing occupation safety to workmen.

Getting debris off site is basically a material handling problem which not only results is loss of time and cost but it is nightmare for project engineers. During disposal of debris at construction site lots of accidents occur many of them being fatal. Occurrence these accidents may create huge financial & legal liability and also hinder the site completion schedule.

Ecotech Debris Chute Benefits :

  • Manufactured in Reinforced Fibreglass (FRP)
  • No wire rope used for erection,
  • M.S. support frame fixed on every floor to make chute stable and steady
  • Strong and Impact resistant
  • Reduces accidents and provides safe working atmosphere for staff, workers and visitors.
  • Reduces dust and level of noise at site.
  • Can meet OSHAS & ISO 14000 norms.
  • Reduces use of manpower for removal of debris.
  • Light weight and UV resistant.
  • Ease for erection as well as dismantling.
  • Reusable for next site.
  • Ease to store and transport.
  • High strength and less wear & tear
  • User friendly.